Working with Vision Forge, you benefit from more than 25 years of experience in production work, in feature films, advertising, documentaries and corporate marketing.

Video Production

When hiring Vision Forge, you can feel assured that each dollar will be used efficiently, with clear accounting of how your money is spent.  

We can deliver a project of any size, with flexible budget quoting to match a client’s expectations and bank account. Supervising producer Dave Haldiman has written and overseen budgets from hundreds to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. He’s brought together talent, crew, support facilities and locations all over the United States and Australia.

And we have the resourcefulness and imagination for smaller projects. There are times when just one person, with the right expertise, can do it all, from the first ideas to the finished product.

Dave Haldiman has produced projects for Mercedes, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Audi, Visa, American Express, IBM, Qantas, Korean Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Ray Ban, Bacardi, Sheraton Hotels, Sony, the Australian Government and Commonwealth Edison. And for the United Way of North Rock County and the Friends of Beckman Mill.